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Special Education Center

Special Education Center (SEC) is formally established on September 1980, issued by Minister of Education in Taiwan. The SEC is mainly to assist K-12 southern local school districts and community agencies can participate in various special education activities in order to provide K-12 students with disabilities or special needs an appropriate education and equal education opportunity.

SEC provides professional and various special education services including: serving phone & network for teacher and parental consultation services, providing pre-service & in-service teacher training programs, publishing SPED journal articles, serving K-12 local school districts and community agencies consultation, and diagnosing college students with disabilities. In addition, SEC annually cultivates about 20 college students in order to provide local children with disabilities certain communication training & consultation services; it is also the mainly strength of SEC.

Main Mission

  1. Providing colleges/ universities consultation services for students with disabilities
  2. Providing diagnose services for college students with disabilities
  3. Providing various pre-services and in-service teacher training programs
  4. Providing communication training and consultation services with children with disabilities
  5. Providing special education consultation services by phone and network
  6. Publishing professional special education journal with articles
  7. Loaning certain SEC testing assessment/ instrument services